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THUNDERCLAN: :iconthunderclan:
fierce and brave

Clan charecter: In peace, respectful to other clans. In battle, fierce, couragouse and loyal. Thunderclan cats speak out for what is right and are not afraid to challenge the warrior code.

Prey: Mice, Voles, squirrels, occasional Rabbit and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons and thrushes

Hunting: Exellent staulking techniques, the keep upwind from there prey creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard

Significant clan leaders: Thunderstar, Owlstar, Bluestar, Firestar


WINDCLAN: :iconwindclan:
Swift and loyal

Clan charecter: Fiercley loyal, tough, fast running, and easily offended cats. They are nevouse and quick to flee due to the lack of cover on the open moor. They take pride in being the closest clan to the moonstone. Of all clans they have the deepest knowledge of twolegs from seeing them on nearby farms

Prey: Mainley rabbits

Hunting: Fast, lean and swift. Their shoot, smooth pelts of brown and grey blend in with rocks and grass

Significant clan leaders: Windstar, Gorsestar, Tallstar and Onestar


RIVERCLAN :iconriverclan:
clever and strong

Clan charecter: Content, sleek, well fed, long fur and glossy coats. They love beautiful things and often collect rocks, sells and feathers for their dens, they do not fear water.

Mainly fish but also water Voles, shews and Mice

Hunting: Strong swimmers they move silently and scentless through water. They scoop out fish of the water form the bank- a skill most cats in other clans cannot master

Significant clan leaders: Riverstar, Crookedstar, leopardstar


SHADOWCLAN :iconshadowclan:
wily and proud

Clan charecter: Battle hungry, aggressive, ambitious and greedy for territory. It is said that the cold wind that blows accross shadowclan territory chills their hearts and makes them suspicious and untrusting

Prey: Frogs, lizards and snakes that live in shadowclans boggy, peated territory. A secret food source is the twoleg garbage dump on the far side of the boundry. Although their careful not to eat infected rats or crow-food

Hunting: Shadowclan cats hunt better at night than any other clan and are skilled at skulking thought the undergrowth unseen

Significant clan leaders: Shadowstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Nightstar, Tigerstar and Blackstar

Gallery Folders

Shadowclan Roleplay Characters
Windclan Roleplay Characters


I would like to offer up a contest to those of you who have stuck with us for so long! Right now im open to ideas for the contest  along with ideas for prizes! Anything that would interest you guys into participating in the contest post bellow. Prize donations will also be accepted.
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